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Looking for a Subutex Doctor or Suboxone Doctor in Gainesville, Palatka, Orange Park, Ocala or Perry? Looking for a Subutex Clinic or a Suboxone Clinc? You have found the right place. This is what we do. We treat patients with opiate addiction with Subutex and Suboxone. We are experienced specialists in office based treatment with Subutex and Suboxone.

If you are suffering from Opioid Addiction or Opioid Use Disorder the expert Subutex Doctors and Suboxone doctors at Buprenorphine Treatment Centers can help.  We are very experienced in Subutex treatment and Suboxone treatment ... this is what we do.  We treat our patients in an outpatient setting and we make it convenient with afternoon and evening hours.

Some new patients are concerned about the length of time they  can take Subutex or Suboxone.  Current medical data indicates that long term maintenance on Subutex and Suboxone is safe and beneficial for many patients suffering from Opiate Addiction. If a patient is interested in short term use of Subutex or Suboxone - we can also help.

We are not judgmental – we want our patients to be happy and lead productive lives with satisfaction at work, love and play. If you are struggling with narcotics then you are not enjoying your life.  You are spending much of your time thinking about how you will avoid withdrawal and cravings.  You may find yourself obtaining drugs illegally which puts you at risk for legal complications as well. Your know your opiate use is ruining your family, friendships and employment.  With the use of buprenorphine which is the active ingredient in Subutex and one of the active ingredients in Suboxone, you can lead a normal life without the fear of withdrawals, cravings and without the risk of breaking the law. 

If you are looking for a Subutex Doctor or  a Suboxone Doctor we are now in 5 locations. 

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Subutex and Suboxone Doctors Gainesville, Orange Park, Perry, Palatka and Ocala

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Medication Assisted Treatment

At Buprenorphine Treatment Centers, Inc., our primary focus is the use of medically prescribed Buprenorphine (Subutex and Suboxone) to eliminate cravings and the symptoms of withdrawal and thereby allow our patients to lead normal lives. With the appropriate daily use of Subutex or Suboxone our patients can return to the way they felt and functioned before they developed a problem with opioids or narcotics.

Inpatient Drug Abuse Treatment

Group Therapy

Our experience and best practices suggest that participation in Group Therapy is extremely helpful and significantly reduces substance relapse. Group Therapy helps our patients learn that Opioid Use Disorder is a disease and therefore guilt and self recrimination are not helpful and can in fact impede growth and progress.  Group Therapy reduces the frequency of relapses and it helps our patients to overcome the isolation and other maladaptive behavior that is associated with Opioid Use Disorder.


Buprenorphine Treatment Center's Program

All our services are outpatient - in our doctors office. Our patients are initially seen to determine if they are suffering from Opioid Use Disorder and if they are appropriate for Buprenorphine Treatment with Subutex or Suboxone.  Patients undergo an induction and stabilization period that will require more frequent visits but our expectation is that patients can be stable with monthly medication visits.  In addition our patients attend a group therapy session once a month or more frequently if they are having difficulty with compliance.  Patients are given random drug screens and pills are counted at least at each medication visit.


Urine Drug Screens

Urine drug screens are an important component of Subutex or Suboxone Treatment for Opioid Use Disorder.  Patients are expected to remain free of all controlled substances and alcohol while being treated with Subutex and Suboxone.  There are a variety of reasons for this requirement. First, there is a risk of death from respiratory depression as a result of combining controlled substances or alcohol substances with Subutex or Suboxone (or other opiates for that matter). Second, the drug screen will indicate if you have Subutex or Suboxone in your system – if you don’t this means you are not taking it, you ran out or you diverted it.  Diversion – giving away or selling a controlled substance is a crime and this is absolutely forbidden at Buprenorphine Treatment Centers, Inc.

Patients are randomly screened at certain medication visits.  Finding an unauthorized substance in a patient’s Urine Drug Screen is important and is dealt with by counseling, therapeutic interventions, more frequent medication visits, more frequent urine drug screens or other interventions. 

Patients frequently tell us that they are worried about having a drug screen at their initial evaluation.  This fear sometimes causes patients to put off their initial appointment hoping to be drug free for a first appointment at a later time.  Although we encourage our patients to be substance free we understand that given the nature addiction, it is not unusual for patients to present with positive urine drug screens at the time of their initial evaluation. 


Do you have Opiate Addiction?

Doctors no longer use the term Opiate Addiction or Opioid Dependence instead they refer to the disease as Opioid Use Disorder.  Today, it is believed that this disorder is a disease of the brain and needs to be treated like any other chronic disease.  For example, if you have diabetes you may need to take insulin and control your diet.  Likewise, with Opioid Use Disorder medication (such as Subutex, Suboxone or Naltrexone) can be essential along with other elements of treatment such as education, group therapy, changing in persons and places, and other elements. 

Determining if you have Opioid Use Disorder requires an evaluation by a medical professional. However there are a variety of questions you can ask yourself to determine if you likely have Opioid Use Disorder.

Do you have a desire to use opiates?

Do you have difficulty controlling your use of opiates?
Do you have withdrawal symptoms when you stop?

Do you take opiates to avoid withdrawal symptoms?

Do you take higher doses than in the past?

Are you using opioids in a risky manner in terms of your health, work, or illegally?

Are you frequently focused on obtaining opiates?

If the answers to several of these questions is yes, then likely you are suffering from Opioid Use Disorder and you should seek help – or at least be evaluated.  At Buprenorphine Treatment Centers, Inc we will evaluate your drug use pattern, quickly determine if you suffer from Opioid Use Disorder and then, if indicated, suggest Subutex treatment or Suboxone treatment.  We will not be judgmental – we are truly here to help.


What is Buprenorphone and How Does it Work?

Buprenorphine, Subutex and Suboxone

Buprenorphine is the ingredient in Subutex and Suboxone that stops cravings and symptoms of withdrawal. Our brains have opiate receptors that are stimulated by opiate drugs.  Buprenorphine is a unique opiate because it fills the opiate receptors alleviating withdrawal and cravings without the euphoria associated with other opiate drugs.  It also has the property of being long acting with a half life of more that 24 hours.
Because of Buprenorphine's strong affinity for opiate receptors it must be used with caution at first as it can cause opioid withdrawal. Patients should not take there first dose of Buprenorphine (Subutex or Suboxone) until they are in moderate opioid withdrawal.  This will generally vary from 24-36 hours after the last use of opiates.  However, for patients taking Methadone or Fentanyl, more time is required (at least 72 hours)  between the first dose of Buprenorphine and the last dose of Methadone. Also your current methadone dose must be less than 30mg per day. Your doctor will discuss these issues with you at your first appointment.

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You Don't Need to Break the Law

We are well aware of the frequent legal consequences faced by people that are addicted to Opiates.  We strongly encourage these individuals to get help and medication legally. Buprenorphine (Subutex and Suboxone) should not be obtained off the streets or from family or friends.  It is simply not worth the risk when in all likelihood you will be able to receive it legally from a physician.  At Buprenorphine Treatment Centers, Inc we are not judgmental - we simply want to help.

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Sobriety, Detox and Buprenorphine (Subutex and Suboxone)

Questions and debate about Subutex and Suboxone Treatment - Detox as the primary treatment for opiate addiction, long term vs short term Subutex and Suboxone Treatment, thoughts on whether or not one is sober while using Subutex frequently arise.


Detox alone is not usually adequate to remain substance free.

Most people need more addiction treatment than detox.  After detox the relapse rates are extremely high – one study revealed that 60% of patients relapse within 7 days. Therefore treatment is very important after detox and in fact for some patients inpatient detox is not necessary.

There are two general approaches to treating addiction – Harm Reduction and the Recovery model.

Remember that Opiate Addiction is a chronic disease that cannot be cured and must be managed - no matter what treatment approach is taken.  Now what type of treatment is indicated for opiate Addiction? There are two general approaches to treating addiction – the first is harm reduction and the second is the recovery model.  Harm reduction essentially means that absolute sobriety is not the goal. Rather harm reduction is an approach that reduces the use of dangerous substances and reduces dangerous routes of administration of substances such as eliminating IV drug use.  Harm reduction is different (but can be integrated) with the second approach to treating opiate addiction- the recovery model of absolute sobriety.

Harm Reduction

In this approach we prescribe a medication such as Subutex or Suboxone to stop cravings and withdrawal from opiate addiction.  These medications are themselves opiates but they are safer and do not have the tolerance, mortality risk and abuse potential as the other opiates (pain pills, methadone, dilaudid, heroin, etc).  Thus we are reducing the harm with these medications.  Evidence supports that long term maintenance on these medications is safe and frequently desirable. Along with Subutex and Suboxone group therapy is helpful to reduce potential relapse and help patient deal with inevitable life stress.  In terms of outcome over 95% of patients we observe have rapid improvement in their family relationships and employment. Numerous patients report that using these medications are a “miracle” for them. But they are not a cure. Rather they reduce harm and allow us to manage the disease of opiate Addiction (Opioid Use Dsiorder).

The Recovery Model

Recovery is the other classic model of addiction treatment that is based on Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous 12 steps of recovery.  In the classic model no medications or substances are used.  Unfortunately, the reality is that for opioid use disorder the relapse rate with a classic recovery model is very high.  With the current opioid crisis and the associated mortality many – though not all experts in the field - believe that harm reduction is the preferred approach for many – not all - patients.

Hybrid Approach with Subutex and Suboxone

It is our belief at Buprenorphine Treatment Centers Inc that a hybrid approach using medication (Subutex or Suboxone) combined with education, and where indicated therapy and 12 step concepts are the best approach for many patients suffering with Opioid Use Disorder (Opiate Addiction). We provide medication and our patients attend group therapy at least once a month. 

The definition of sobriety is no longer the most helpful.  The question is: have we reduced harm from opiates and relapse behavior so that our patients are leading lawful productive and happy lives. 

We have afternoon and evening hours in our Gainesville, Jacksonville (Orange Park) offices.  Our own staff answers our phones.  For excellent care from a Subutex Doctor or Suboxone Doctor make an appointment with us.

Long Term Use of Subutex and Suboxone

Current medical data supports the safety and efficacy of long term maintenance on Subutex and Suboxone.  Patients can safely remain on Subutex and Suboxone for many years.  Subutex and Suboxone provides a way for Opiate addicts to regain their lives.  Short term use of Subutex and Suboxone can also be considered for either detox or short term maintenance if that is what a patient prefers.  However, the risk of relapse when stopping Subutex and Suboxone must be considered.  Involvement in a program of recovery is recommended for patients that want short term treatment with Subutex or Suboxone.

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