If you are addicted to Opioids (pain pills, dilaudid, or heroin), or know someone who is; Suboxone Doctor Orange Park can help. The truth is that recovery is an ongoing lifestyle. Detox alone is not usually adequate to remain sober, aftercare usually includes:

Relapse prevention: A key component to every aftercare plan is a ‘what to do’ plan in the event of cravings, relapse triggers or an actual relapse. People who are not prepared to face and tackle these issues may return to their addictive habits.

Follow-up: Ongoing counseling sessions allow individuals the opportunity to continue to work on lingering problems or new challenges in life. These sessions are crucial for making sure you are going on the right track and keeping you there.

Support group meetings: Newly recovering individuals are more likely to continue attending recovery programs, such as 12-step meetings, when there is a third-party to hold them accountable.

Sober living: For some individuals, returning home after treatment may not be the best choice. In such cases, controlled living environments, such as a halfway house or sober living facility may be a better option.

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