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Urine Drug Screens For Addiction Treatment

Urine drug screens are necessary to participate in Subutex or Suboxone treatment in a safe and effective manner. It is important for our team to know the quantity and type of drugs a person may have taken to better treat that patient. Urine drug screenings are quick, simple, and accurate. The results allow us to develop custom solutions for each patient, monitor the success of those treatments, and modify medications and mental health care as needed. Our doctors and staff understand that many potential patients delay or avoid treatment because they know their drug screening results will indicate substance use. We encourage patients to seek treatment sooner rather than later, even if this means testing positive on a drug screening test. Buprenorphine Treatment Centers, Inc. is a supportive and non-judgment environment where experienced and courteous doctors help patients at all stages of substance abuse disorder. While we encourage new patients to be substance free at their initial appointment, we can provide support and guidance regardless of the results of their drug screening. To begin treatment, contact us today to schedule an initial consultation and urine drug screening at our opioid addiction treatment center.

Why Is Testing Important?

Completing urine drug screening at our addiction treatment center is important for many reasons. The following reasons outline why we require testing and how it can help a patient and their recovery overall.

Understanding Medical Risk

Of course, opioid abuse is a significant risk to physical health and presents a potential for serious medical distress and death. Combining controlled substances, especially opiates or alcohol, with Subutex or Suboxone is unsafe and detrimental to a patient’s health.

Ensuring Participation

The drug screening will also indicate if the Subutex or Suboxone that our doctors prescribed is in a patient’s system. This makes certain that a patient is participating in the treatment and not disposing of or selling their prescribed medication. If a patient gives away or sells their prescribed medications from our facility, we will terminate our treatment of that patient and cancel all prescriptions immediately.

Meeting Requirements

Many people are required to present results from drug screenings to employers and family members or to meet probation or parole guidelines. Our facility can provide certified results to comply with requirements from external sources such as these.

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